Sleep Habits: Francesca Oddie

Francesca Oddie is a passionate astrologer who uses this fascinating path to improve health and wellness.


How important is sleep to your personal daily life?

VERY! I love astrology, I really do but if I wasn’t working I would be in bed.  There aren’t many things greater than feeling well rested.


What does a typical sleep routine look like to you?

I have brilliant sleep hygiene.  I have no electronics in my room and no screens for at least an hour, preferably 2 hours before bed. I always drink a Night Time tea as I write my journal and have absolutely no caffeine after 3 pm.  That time alone to read, write and be quiet is magic.


What is your bedroom like?

My bedroom is full of wooden furniture, crystals, photographs, natural beauty products and candles. When I moved here someone sent me an article on Feng Shui so I arranged my room according to some basic principles.  I painted my bed duck egg blue because I felt the colour to be relaxing and calming. My bedside table in the SW corner is pink and has pairs of candles (pairs in the bedroom are important for inviting in love!) I have two massive windows overlooking Clapham Common and the sun rises to wake me up each morning.  I adore this bright room!


What is your sleep position?

Not sure!  I think I start lying on my back but am told I thrash around in the night!


Do you follow any rituals to help you sleep better?

As a very Mercurial, Rising Gemini, Vata type it is so important to spend each day with an awareness of what will promote restful sleep.  I have to burn enough energy and ideas. I need to write down everything to stop ideas rattling around in my head. Bedtime showers, herbal teas and peaceful journaling are life changers.


What are your top “sleep well” tips?

Avoid caffeine, your turn off your phone, take up yoga and make sure each morning is filled with fresh air and daylight.  We can alter our circadian rhythm by making sure our brain receives early morning light.


Have you read any good bedtime books lately?

I only read astrology books.  I did treat myself to some fiction when I was in Mexico, a very romantic book called The Art of Healing Heartbeats. It’s beautiful and I spent a few happy hours crying on the beach!