About Us

We have always felt that the downtime moments in life are some of the best;

having a bath; reading a book; getting home from a hard day’s work; chatting with friends; meditating in your living room; family time on the sofa; morning yoga; morning cups of tea; and, of course, getting into bed. We have created Luxe + Hardy for these moments – to make them as luxurious and comfortable as possible. These are the moments in life we take for granted, but that make life so special, not to mention the downtime in life is absolutely essential for a happy mind and a healthy body (two of our favourite things).
The Luxe + Hardy collection began as a way to make sleepwear more conducive to sleep! We wanted to bring together the best fabrics – which are natural, breathable, sweat-wicking and temperature controlling (not to mention multi-climatic) – that enhance sleep and also look stylish out of the bedroom as well.
But we didn't want the collection to just end there, as everyone from Oprah to Arianna Huffington agree with us that sleep and rest are two of the most important elements of health and happiness so we needed to make sure our collection suited all the ever-important down-time moments.

Welcome to Luxe + Hardy: Your everyday off-duty essentials.

Luxe + Hardy: redefining eveningwear

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live more


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