Our Promise to you

We make clothes that are...
naturally luxurious,
naturally comfortable,
naturally sustainable.

We believe in creating
ethical products that last

We carefully select suppliers who use closed-loop manufacturing to ensure chemicals are recycled and are not leached into the enviroment.

Our organic cotton is
  • GOTS certified: this is the highest certification in organic cotton farming, meaning our fabrics don’t contain any of the skin-irritating chemicals that can be found in conventional cotton products
  • Our merino wool is
  • Kinder to animals: we only use non-mulesing wool
  • Great quality: it’s Certified Wool Mark Wool
  • Our low pill viscose is
  • Lenzing viscose meaning the method of production and extraction of the pulp is enviromentally-friendly
  • Our fabric suppliers plant 7 tress for every tree cut down