Sleep habits: Funso Foluso-Henry, actor, model and photographer

Funso is a London based actor, model and photographer and founder of Ata Rodo which aims to empower black women and women of colour through organised exhibitions showcasing artistic talents. 

We chatted to the face of Luxe + Hardy's Summer Collection about all things sleep, from self-care rituals to getting 7 hours...

How important is sleep to your personal daily life?

VERY important! I’m a bit of a grandma and love to get AT LEAST 7 hours to be a functioning human being.

How do you switch off after a working day?

I like to keep an evening routine and switch off slowly – I will do my skincare routine and brush my teeth, followed by some stretches and if I’m not exhausted, I’ll read for a while. If I really need to switch off, I’ll listen to a sleep meditation on YouTube.

What does a typical sleep routine look like to you?

I try to go to sleep around 9-10pm and wake up at 5-6am but it all depends on what my workday has been like. Sometimes I get in a bit late or need to wake up earlier, so I’ll adjust my sleep to make sure I’m getting at least 7 hours (where possible!)

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What is your bedroom like?

Admittedly messier than I would like! I prioritise my sleep routine over tidying up so if I’ve been working a lot and get home late, it can have a few bits of clutter around. This doesn’t stay long though as my boyfriend puts his foot down when it comes to a tidy room!

Do you follow any self-care rituals to help you sleep better?

Sometimes I’ll spray my pillow with lavender spray or put an essential oils diffuser on if I need a bit more help sleeping. When I’m on my period, I take some CBD oil to help me sleep and ease any pain too.

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What are your top “sleep well” tips?

Don’t skip your daily vitamins – I promise they make a difference to how you sleep. Also, try and keep to a routine as much as you can so your body gets into a rhythm.

Have you read any good bedtime books lately?

I can be a little haphazard when it comes to reading books – I’ll read one for a bit then change (it’s terrible I know) but one I have read consistently is “All About Love: New Visions” by Bell Hooks. It’s a non-fiction book in which she speaks about the way we see and treat love in modern society.

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