Sleep Habits: Nicola Elliott, Founder of Neom

We caught up with Nicola Elliott, founder of Neom, the luxury wellbeing brand famous for its essential oils and candles with true therapeutic benefits to relieve stress, calm, relax and aid sleep. She has revealed to us what her evening routine consists of as well are all her sleep tips.

How important is sleep to your personal daily life?
Crucial. It’s the difference between feeling good, being efficient at work and looking my best. 
What does a typical sleep routine look like to you?
I’m religious about this…up to the bath at 9.45pm, light the Neom Scent to Sleep Candle and use same scent Bath Foam (or oil/ or both). Sit for at least 10-15 minutes in silence - this is my mindful time! Use Scent to Sleep Body Oil all over and get into bed with a good book - read for half an hour and glower at husband if he comes into bed to watch sky sports….grrrr SO not allowed. Perfect Night Sleep Pillow Mist spritz, pea size amount of Perfect Night Sleep Hand Balm…sleep.  

What is your bedroom like?
Very neutral - calm colours in a bedroom I think are important. And lighting….I have brighter lights in the bathroom so I get ready there leaving the bedroom a warmer lighting. 

What is your sleep position?
I move about a bit...
Do you follow any rituals to help you sleep better?
My routine - see above! I freak out if I haven’t time for it…and even if it’s the weekend and everything is put back an hour or 2 I still stick to it!
What are your top “sleep well” tips?
I do like taking magnesium and the above works for me, but I think finding your own routine is important - but a routine is a must...
Have you read any good bedtime books lately?
So many… but top three are:
Normal People - Sally Rooney
Educated - Tara Westover
Becoming - Michelle Obama

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