sleep habits: rosie fortescue

Jewellery designer Rosie Fortescue talks to us about all things sleep. From her self-care rituals to her bedtime reading to the app that has changed her life...

How important is sleep to your personal daily life?

Sleep is important, but I am also used to sleeping badly, so I can function on not much or very disrupted sleep. Whether I have a bad night or not I'm good with mornings and getting up and setting the right intentions for the day.

How do you switch off after a working day?

I like to get home from the office and put on a super comfortable outfit (Luxe + Hardy of course). I finish emails at home, sometimes on my bed and light a candle, then will go downstairs and cook and make dinner. I love cooking. I play music and it really helps me to switch off.

What does a typical sleep routine look like to you?

I have got into having baths in the evenings during lockdown. I never found the time or really enjoyed them before. Sometimes I have great intentions and read before bed and sometimes I have worked non-stop all day and watch some crap show on my laptop before bed to totally disengage my brain from work.

What is your bedroom like?

It’s tidy and cosy! I can’t go to sleep with clothes out or anything that needs to be put away. I have invested in some Hermes cushions for my bed which I am totally obsessed with.

What is your sleep position?

This question made me laugh because I basically sleep whichever side I don’t have a sore piercing. I keep getting more piercings and my body takes about a year to heal and it’s hell every night when I wake up on the wrong side and think my ear is going to fall off!

Rosie's sleepy edit. Clockwise from top left: Calm app; 'evening wear' Merino Wool jumper; Gotta Get ThroughThis by Louis Theroux; Sleepy Candle; Hermes cushion; Reset Sweatpants

Do you follow any self-care rituals to help you sleep better?

I downloaded Calm app a year ago at the beginning of the last lockdown and it truly changed my life. I use it a few nights a week for Sleep Stories and when I wake in the night and can’t get back to sleep (which is often) I will put on another Sleep Story or play some of the music on the app. It really does help me.

What are your top “sleep well” tips?

A comfortable outfit, a lavender pillow spray and some peppermint tea before bed.

Have you read any good bedtime books lately?

I am currently reading Louis Theroux’s biography Gotta Get Theroux This. I am a documentary geek and have watched every single one of his, and the book is making me laugh so much!

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