The 'Wintery' Candle
The 'Wintery' Candle
The 'Wintery' Candle The 'Wintery' Candle
The 'Wintery' Candle
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The 'Wintery' Candle

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Our Luxe + Hardy coconut wax candles are vegan, biodegradable and clean burning – no petroleum or synthetic nasties here. Our ‘Wintery’ candle is beautifully hand-poured and filled with the pure essential oils black spruce, wintergreen and sage.

This is a green, piney herbal scent that evokes Christmas trees and winter woodland walks with lots of pine, cypress, black spruce, sage and thyme with smokey cedarwood tones. It gives you a lovely Christmas scent without being too sickly. Enjoy!

100% natural coconut wax 
Pure essential oils
Petroleum, paraben and phthalate-free
Natural cotton wick
Recyclable and reusable container
Burn time: 45 hours approx.
Hand-poured in Scotland
30cl | 220g